About Amsterdammers

Amsterdammers broke the ground as the first bike shop in the UK to sell top quality 2nd hand Dutch bikes. This begun 2006, as an operation in a living room in a shared house at Five Ways, Brighton. Customers could only come on appointment, so the year after it moved in as neighbour to two existing bicycle shops; Aaron’s and Grandad’s1 in a market building called the Open Market. Also, the workforce was doubled in size, going from one person to two. But the Open Market was an unpolished gem and had therefore to be regenerated, or demolished depending on your viewpoint, by a developer in 2012 before anyone would notice. That’s when the shop moved to a unit that used to house the horse-drawn fire engines that protected Brighton Railway Station, where it remains today. It has since branched out into cycle hire and cargo bikes.

1 Aaron’s and Grandad’s still exist, but at new locations

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