Cycle to Work Scheme

Save between 32% and 47% on your cargo e-bike. This iffy scheme is a fully sanctioned HMRC license to avoid tax. As an employee, you select the bike instore, but your employer buys it. Then, over an agreed period of time, the cost of the bike is deducted from your wage through an arrangement of a so called salary sacrifice. This means tax savings for both sides since, as an employee, your income has been lowered.

Amsterdammers work together with a scheme operator Green Commute Initiative, or GCI for short. The advantage with GCI, is that the usual £1000 limit does not apply. If your employer is not a member of GCI, get in touch with them to find out how to sign up.

Scheme operator’s website:
Handy savings calculator: GCI’s online calculator

Cycle to work scheme