Amsterdammers’ workshop is spacious enough to cope with any cargo bike imaginable, also very long tandems. Furthermore, we do many of the jobs that other shops do not like as much, such as:

The shop carries some unusual parts rarely found elsewhere, such as: - dynamos, lamps, bulbs and lenses - curved comfort handlebars - frame mounted locks (aka ring or horse shoe lock) - spokes for hub geared wheels - stainless steel rims, also in rare sizes - some unusual tyre sizes - bottom brackets with large diameters (38 and 40 mm) - fit 2nd hand parts on request to keep repair bill down

How much does a service cost? - We don’t have a fixed price list for a ‘service’. Instead we look at each case and make a estimate. A typical bill is between £35 and £80. Very neglected bikes that want ‘everything’ fixed can cost up to £200.

Prices for common type of repairs - puncture £9 to £15 - rear tyre replacement on bicycle with fully enclosed chain £15 plus parts - repair of internal gear hub £40 to £60 plus parts